How to frame puzzles?

When you want to relax and disconnect a little from the day to day, one of the best things we can do is a puzzle. In this way, and the bigger the puzzle, the longer we can avoid daily stress.

The problem comes later, when we finish it and we would like to hang it on the wall of our living room, but we have no idea how to frame puzzles. Although at first it may seem like a world, nothing is further from reality. Keep reading to discover the best keys to frame puzzles and be able to use them, once completed, to decorate your home.

How to frame puzzles and not die trying

To achieve our goal, what we have to do is buy vinyl latex. Don't worry if you don't know what it is, since in specialized stores or department stores you will easily find it.

Once you have it, what you have to do is dilute it in a little water and with a brush (a brush could also work, but it will be too small and it will take a long time), spread it lengthwise and width of the puzzle.

This way when it dries, you will be able to see how the pieces are fully glued and there is no risk of the puzzle falling apart. It is at that moment that you will be able to hang it directly where you prefer or frame it in a painting.

Another way (although less recommended) to frame the puzzle is to place it directly in the frame without using the vinyl latex. That is, simply place a glass on the puzzle and turn it over to put the frame. As we mentioned, it is another way, but less recommended since you run the risk of the pieces falling out and having to start over to do the puzzle. For the simpler ones, you may not mind taking risks, but if you have invested a lot of time, you will surely prefer to use the method of gluing the pieces together.

Alternative to latex for framing puzzles

In addition to latex, there are also other special glues that perfectly fulfill the function of framing puzzles. You may even save a few euros since they are not specialized puzzle products, so their price may be a little lower.

Whatever product you use, you must be careful when applying it because, if you use an exorbitant amount, it is possible that the pieces will suffer and soften a bit or even lose part of the drawing.

For this reason, you must do it as delicately as possible and of course let it dry for 24 hours to be sure that the product has taken effect and the pieces are glued properly. Although you are probably not thinking of doing it, we remind you that you should not put anything on top of the puzzle while the pieces are drying as it could definitely damage the puzzle.


Now that you know how to frame puzzles, surely you no longer have so many impediments to buying your favorite puzzles. Of course, now you know a better alternative than putting the puzzle back in its box with all the work that it cost you, right?

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