How to create an informative text for children?

To perfect the mechanism of reading and writing, in addition to recognizing the principles of reading comprehension at an early age, in the following article How to create a informative text for children you will find some suggestions for infants to prepare their first descriptive reports on science, gastronomy, technology, cinemas, among other topics.

The magic of producing this writing is the use of a vocabulary that is up to the kids, with a simple handling that is useful to other people. Another intention is to catch a niche of readers who are waiting for a certain piece of news with language that is not so technical, but explicit about a specific event.

What is it?

Consists of a brief, detailed report with the use of keywords that catches a general public that is not specialized in the subject. Although they are largely unaware of the subject, they express interest in reading such an article. In children, it is an exercise that schools teach in the introductory grades so that they are communicators of the future.

It is not a literary text per se, but a spontaneous report, whose reading does not take more than 5 minutes. It expresses everything that you do not know about a special topic, even if it is in the public domain. It is not essential for children to be specialists, nor, although it is vital, that they have basic concepts of what they are going to refer to in their informative text.

How to write it?

  • The choice of topic is fundamental. Instill in your children the importance of research to put together the content of the text.

  • Which readers? It is aimed? When you get the response, it is possible to shape the script a bit to be a material light.

  • Title that immediately clarifies the topic to be addressed.

  • The structure of the narration also counts. Point out the main and underlying ideas of the content.

  • The introduction to the informative text is optional. If you intend to do it, let it be in a separate paragraph from the rest. If not, it may be included with the rest of the message.

  • A good development with conceivable use of connectors linking paragraphs.

  • If necessary, have the child study a bit of an author's biography related to the subject you are addressing. Something short, but effective to understand to whom this feat is due.

Your style

They are generally very formal articles in which it doesn't matter how creative you are to capture the information. For boys, this canon tends to be modified so that its reading is fluid, regardless of the public to which it is directed.

  • Use short sentences that are understandable to the reader.

  • Do not make paragraphs with a high density of words. The presence of the dots and followed are decisive.

  • Present coherence in the information that the child intends to convey, always respecting the order of ideas.

  • The lexicon must be basic within the language that handle the boys If it is an informative text with the presence of complicated formulas, it is likely to replace those elements with definitions with greater domain.

  • The use of synonyms enriches the vocabulary of small.


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