Science and technology: Two basic pillars

Many centuries ago, human knowledge was centered on philosophical ideas, many of which could not be considered true. Something that changed with the scientific advances that allowed the confirmation or improvement of many of the philosophical ideas.

In the most recent centuries, science has allowed the development of technologies that have contributed to new discoveries to the point that they are pushing aside philosophical science, however, there are still many unanswered questions.

What is the relationship between science and technology?

Someone might ask, what relationship can exist between science and technology, well to give a good detail, it can be said that technology arose mainly from scientific discoveries when technology is considered as scientific procedures.

Now then, current science is beginning to depend a lot on technology, since many techniques are used that could not be carried out before due to the absence of current technological advances.

But what is science and technology? Science arose from philosophy to test abstract ideas, so science can be defined as the investigation or practice of ideas. Technology is the materialized ideas of science.

A very important relationship can be observed in food, science allows research, discover compositions that are useful in food and with technology these discoveries can be used in different branches such as medicine or good nutrition that prevents poor nutrition in the human body.

What is the difference between science and technology?

The main difference between the two is that science conducts studies to obtain results and technology uses those results. It can be said that technology is used for everyday use in many ways, while science studies and discovers how to use technology.

Basic skills in science and technology

There are skills that allow the interaction of science and technology with society, such as mathematical skills (known as exact science for giving concrete results) promoted by the F.E.C.Y.T. In these competitions, the participants carry out different scientific experiments to obtain the correct result and thus win.

It can be said that, without this relationship between science and technology, the world and society would be very different from what we know today. We would have less progress and social development would be less accelerated. So we must thank the great scientists who throughout history have allowed us to make new improvements.

Elder Museum of Science and Technology

It is worth mentioning that science and technology go hand in hand, since without science there would be no technology. The Elder Museum of Science and Technology exhibits this detail in historical exhibits, with technological inventions that have been developed through scientific discoveries prior to the invention.

There are also other organizations that allow this relationship to be closer to obtain improvements in society, such as the Spanish Foundation for Science and Technology (F.E.C.Y.T).

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