Climate change: activities to raise awareness among children

There are many activities designed to make children aware of the importance of climate change. No matter how complex a subject is, there is always a suitable way to explain it to a child. It is important to use simple, clear and concrete definitions, avoiding technical terms and using your own language. climate change is no exception to this rule.

Despite the fact that it is an adult problem, children should be aware from an early age, since they have an important role: to take care of the planet in the future. It is important to make them understand that they hold the key to the long-term solution, but that their role begins now.

What is climate change

Adapting the concept of climate change for children requires specifying the three key definitions of this phenomenon: the greenhouse effect (the gases that the planet retains and that cause global warming), the warming global (the increase in the planet's temperature, which causes climate change) and climate change (the variation of the earth's climate due to direct human action).

As we can see, these three phenomena are interconnected, they cause a domino effect that ends up generating climate change, which is the ultimate consequence of the greenhouse effect.

This message must always be transmitted to children from an optimistic point of view, involving them in the problem and helping them to identify themselves as part of the possible solution. For this reason, it is essential to transmit motivating messages full of hope, and discard negative thoughts and a defeatist attitude.

Activities to raise awareness about climate change among children

Both the images and the games can help us in teaching complex subjects to the little ones. In early childhood, the use of images related to the theme (world globes, for example) can be an important visual support for the message we are trying to convey. Games or related activities will help in an easy and fun way to consolidate this knowledge.

The vast majority of activities that can be done in this regard are closely related to recycling. This is a concept that little ones quickly understand and that they can apply to their day to day.

The crafts and artistic works made with recycled products are an option that the little ones love and with which they enjoy a lot while stimulating their motor skills and creativity (while we parents end up enjoying an endless art gallery based on detergent bottles and tuna cans, what more could you ask for?).

When we talk about recycling we are not referring to the use of disposable materials to create crafts and works of art. Another way to recycle is, for example, to buy higher quality toys that can be inherited between siblings, cousins ​​or friends. In this way, several children will use the same product and less waste will be generated.

As you can see, knowing what climate change is and doing activities so that children understand it is key for the future. Thus, they will be prepared from their earliest years to understand the concept and will feel useful while they are part of the solution.

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