Adventures of Martin the scientist (XII) Christmas cakes and cookies

— Martin, are you going to help me make a snack for your cousins? — Her mother asked from the kitchen.

The boy scientist, who was reading a magazine about the human body, left his reading to go with her. Soon her cousins ​​Sol and Mateo would arrive with her uncles to celebrate New Year's Eve and Martin had promised her mother that he would help her with the preparations. Still, a part of him wanted to continue to see things about how the human body worked. Two hundred and six bones covered in muscle left a lot to learn!

In the kitchen, Martin's mom already had the molds ready to make gingerbread men and pancakes. On the table she could also make out various ingredients such as flour, ginger, butter, and eggs. Still, there were a few that I wasn't sure what they might be.

— The first thing we have to do for the cookies is to mix the dry ingredients — said her mother putting on an apron.

Mother and son mixed the things in the order that the recipe said and Martín began to feel that this was like the instructions for his experiments. In his head, the kitchen was just another place to create physical and chemical changes. That's why by the time they finished mixing the cookies and pancakes, he knew that by cutting them with the little man mold he was making a physical change in them.

— Now should we put them in the oven? — Martin asked, wanting to be able to eat one of the first cookies, since the ginger ones were his favorite after the chocolate ones.

— Yes, I'm going to put them in carefully since the oven is very hot.

— High temperature, right? Martin said excitedly.

— Exactly! The fire causes all this heat to increase the temperature inside the oven — his mother agreed with a smile.

— So that's why the cookies cook and chemically change as they go in,— Martin said thoughtfully.

They both waited thirty minutes for their delicious creations to be ready while they washed and put away the utensils they had used to make them. Finally, when the timer told them they were ready, Martin's mother removed the tray and left it on the counter. They looked amazing!

By the time these got cold Martin grabbed one of the pancake men and couldn't help but think it was funny how squishy it was. He tried to stand him up on the table but his little legs buckled behind him and he fell. Then he tried the same thing with the ginger one but this time, he did stay on his feet! A crazy idea came to his head. The gingerbread man, rigid but able to support himself, was like the bones of the human body, while the pancake man was elastic and malleable like muscles. Martin tried to bend the gingerbread man's arm but it broke. That's why he needed both: bones and muscles!

— How are you? — Asked his mother.

— They taste great! Martin exclaimed.

— I'm glad to hear that, but don't you think those little men look kind of boring? We should decorate them — she finally said.

Together, they drew smiles and Christmas clothes with the icing. And then they left them to rest in the fridge so that their decorations could solidify.

An hour later, Sol and Mateo arrived together to watch a Christmas movie while drinking hot chocolate. By the time the movie was over, it was still quite a while before dinnertime, so they decided it was time to play something, but what?

— Shall we play with my cars? Mateo asked.

— I don't like them — said Sol —. It's the only thing we play at home, let's do something else!

— I know! Martin suddenly exclaimed when he saw the plastic cups on the table.Let's make a phone!

— What thing? — asked Sol surprised

— How are we going to do that? - Mateo said without believing what his cousin was saying.

— Simple, we just have to follow the instructions in one of my magazines — said Martín.

The three children went to Martin's room and he took out a magazine of experiments from his shelf. Then, after searching through his pages, he showed them the image of two children with a glass over their ear.

— How can that be a phone? Mateo asked.

— When we speak we emit sound waves. These waves vibrate the bottom of the plastic cups. That's why we can hear each other even through a glass. For that we have to join them with a wool thread.

— Let's do it! Mateo said excitedly.

They each grabbed two glasses and the first thing they did was make a small hole in the center of the bottom of each one. Then, they took the wool thread and passed it through the hole in both glasses, tying knots at the ends.

— Now yes! — Martin said giving one of his glasses to Sol.

— Do you hear me? she whispered.

— I hear you! Martin said.

— Martín, take one of mine — asked Mateo and so did his scientist cousin.

— Hello! Martin whispered, causing Mateo to open his eyes in surprise. It was heard!

Finally, Martín's aunt called them to dinner and they all received Christmas together.


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