Adventures of Martin the scientist (XI) The submarine

One morning at Martin's school, his teacher, Miss Laura, told them something incredible. They would make their own submarines! Excited, Martín, the boy scientist, was the first to ask him how they would do it.

— Does everyone have the materials I asked for last class?

— Yes…

— Great! Then we will go step by step so that you can follow me. I will also build one together with you!

— With the help of a pen, you should make two small holes on one side of the bottle.

Like the rest of his classmates, after observing how his teacher did it, Martín repeated the action that she explained.

— Now we are going to tape two coins to the same side so that it can sink. Then, in this way — he said, surrounding a straw with plasticine and inserting it into the bottle — we will seal the mouth of the bottle so that no water enters.

With curiosity, Martín followed the instructions of his teacher. He was having fun because those were his favorite classes.

— Any questions so far? asked Miss Laura kindly.

Everyone shook their heads, ready to continue!

— Alright, now we'll place the submarine in our buckets of water to submerge.

When Martin and the other children put their creations in the water, they quickly sank under the weight of the coins.

— We have reached the last step! Blow into the straw and see what happens,” the teacher said.

By sending air into the bottle, it began to float!

— It's floating! Martin exclaimed.

— That's right, can anyone imagine why? the woman asked.

— Why do we blow? — Asked a girl who was sitting near her.

— Very good! That's because by blowing, the water came out of the bottle through the holes we made earlier. Submarines have tanks that fill with water to submerge, but when they need to surface, air is blown into them with a lot of force, like we did when we blew. In this way, the water is expelled from the tanks and the submarine can go up.

When they got home, Martín's mother asked the boy how she had fared. Happy, he told her that they had created a submarine that worked like the real ones, it had been an incredible class!

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