Adventures of Martin the Scientist (VIII) Little Student

It was Friday and Martin's biology teacher had announced to the class that they would have a test next week. Martin's friends asked him if he could help them study and, being this one of his favorite subjects, the boy agreed. The next day, his friends rang the doorbell of his house and Martín received them with cookies and hot chocolate, ready to dedicate himself to reading the anatomy book that his teacher had given them.

Martin was incredibly intelligent, so after only a couple of hours of study he had been able to memorize all the systems of the human body and describe their functions in detail. Martin explained the concepts to his friends with ease, for which they were very grateful, especially since his biology teacher was feared for preparing really difficult exams.

It was getting dark, so Martín said goodbye to his friends, but not before they had played a couple of video games together.

he tried to go to sleep without success. He looked at the ceiling and out the window, trying to fall asleep, but it was impossible. He had studied for hours and yet he felt that it was not enough. He wanted to satisfy his curiosity! So after much thought, he decided that in order to really understand how our body works, he had to see it for himself. He didn't know how he was going to make it, but he wanted to find answers to every one of his questions and he was determined to do it.

The last bell rang, signaling that Monday classes were over, and after gathering all his folders, he hurried to his house.

Once seated at his desk, he took a pencil and notebook from him and began to devise what would be one of his most brilliant inventions. After several failed attempts and many other corrections, the plans were ready.

It was early in the morning, so he went to his father's workshop quietly, taking care not to wake anyone.

By the next morning, his invention was ready. It was a suit that would allow him to shrink down to the size of a cell.

When leaving the workshop he saw that his mother was preparing breakfast, so, once inside the suit, he pressed the button that would reduce its size and flew, with the help of two propellers, to the bowl of cereal that was on the table. table.

In a matter of seconds he was ingested. Martin couldn't believe that he was inside a human being. Her plan for him had worked! He knew that he wouldn't be able to stay long, because he didn't want to risk the suit's batteries dying.

The inside of a human being can be really surprising and, although Martin could not take note of all the amazing things he saw, he was finally able to understand how all the internal processes occur in our body.

For example, he witnessed how the cells of the immune system communicate with each other through a structure called the immune synapse, in which a T-lymphocyte, a cell responsible for contributing to immune defenses, has close contact with the cell that aims.

He also learned something that was not explained in the books he had read during the weekend: what macrophages were. These are the first line of defense that our body has and perform various functions. Macrophages are the first cells to recognize and engulf foreign substances, also called antigens. Although this seemed very interesting to him, the way to learn it was not fun at all, because these cells, which are, in turn, responsible for breaking down these substances and presenting the smallest proteins to the T lymphocytes, had identified it as a foreign substance and tried to remove. He almost managed to escape and continue his journey, but from then on he decided to be much more careful.

In the last stage of his adventure, he was able to observe how the nutrient absorption process occurs. During this chemical phase, different enzymes break complex molecules into simpler units so that they can be absorbed and used. He was able to identify three of the most important enzymes, as he remembered reading about them in his books. These were the so-called lipases, amylases and proteases. The former are responsible for breaking down fats into fatty acids, while the latter hydrolyze them into starch and the third convert proteins into amino acids.

Martin was fascinated by everything he had seen, but he soon realized that it was getting late and decided it was time to go back to his original size.

With some difficulty, he managed to get out of his suit and, when he opened the workshop door, he noticed that his parents were very worried, because Martín hadn't gone to school and they couldn't find him anywhere.


He greeted them and, although he felt bad for not telling them where he was, he couldn't hide his smile. He was proud of himself because, after hours of work, he had managed to investigate and see for himself how complex the systems of the human body are.

His parents didn't understand why his son was so happy. They were angry at Martin for not telling them where he was, but relieved to have him back.

Martín hugged them and decided to tell them all the fascinating things he had discovered. His parents couldn't believe what they were hearing, but they knew that his son was capable of doing everything he had told them.

They were proud of him, but they banned him from doing anything like that again, because it was too risky. Martin had to get rid of the suit, which didn't bother him, since it had suffered some irreparable damage.

Wednesday had arrived and Martin was more than ready to take the exam. As he wrote down the answers to each question, he remembered his great adventure with a smile.


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