Adventures of Martin the scientist (I) The three states

When Martin turned nine, he decided he was going to become a scientist. One afternoon, it began to snow. It was the first snow of the entire winter! It was very cold outside and when Martin went out into the garden he noticed that the water in the bowl of his puppy, Odie, was gone. Now it only had ice inside. Curious to reveal the icy mystery, he decided to apply the scientific method that his teacher had recently taught him in school.

He knew that the first step was observation, so he borrowed his mother's old camera and went out to the garden. Martin spent several minutes watching the snow fall and then took pictures of the puppy's plate. He then took him inside the house to continue observing him. As he did this, the heat inside his house melted the ice, leaving the saucer full of water again. That was very strange. Had they changed the content while he was watching? Suddenly, while looking for possible answers, Martin came up with his hypothesis! If there was water before and then ice, the water had to have become!

Now that he had a hypothesis, he had to do an experiment to check if his assumption was true or not. But how? Martín told his father about his scientific research and he asked:

— How do you imagine the ice appeared on Odie's plate?

— With cold water! — said the boy.

— Ok, let's try to check it out! — Said his father smiling.

They both went to the kitchen and filled a container with water, because to freeze things, what better than the freezer? Martin was very anxious to see the result. What happened when the water got cold? All those questions went through his mind.

Two hours later, the boy returned to the kitchen with his father.

— Do you want to try to guess what is going to happen? Martin's father asked.

— I'm sure the water will be very cold.

— Well, now we are going to know the truth — he said opening the freezer.

When his father took out the container, Martín's eyes widened. The water was gone and now there was ice! How was that possible?

— What happened to the water, Dad?

— It froze, or in other words, it turned to ice.

— Why? the boy asked.

— Water is an element that has three states. When it is the water that we drink or use to wash our hands, it is in a liquid state. However, at low temperatures it turns into ice.

— And what happens if it's very hot? Martin asked curiously.

— Turns into steam! — Exclaimed his father.

That was amazing! He had never imagined that steam and ice were made of water.

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