Learn about educational games and their benefits

Educational games are activities that are carried out so that children acquire and at the same time reinforce their learning. Educational games are methods used to engage children, that is, draw their attention.

Educating through a game is an excellent contribution because children learn and have fun at the same time. Educational games serve to stimulate intelligence, through these, children develop:

  • Logical capabilities.
  • They venture to have initiative.
  • Own decisions
  • Imagination
  • Emotions

In this context, educational games are not only beneficial for children. They represent a tool for parents and teachers to interact with children and strengthen their bond. It is true that they are methods used mostly in schools, but they could easily be used at home and have better results.

What are the educational children's games?

Certainly, games are used to entertain children and this is the best ally to educate. The value of educational children's games as a learning technique is indestructible.

Memory and logic games

Undoubtedly, these skills are vital to develop, they are games used so that children are not only entertained, but also stimulate this type of skills for a better development at home and in their daily lives.

Trivia questions

With this recreation, you can put into practice the children's knowledge and it consists of asking questions and generating answers.

Language games

This one works on the language. Contains spelling rules, riddles, find hidden words and put tongue twisters into practice.

These are games that can be played at home or at school, using methods that are available to everyone and very useful for children.

Educational board games

They work the same as games that don't need resources, and one virtue of these games is that you could easily enlist the help of children or various household members to make them. Through this they will be able to develop interest and emotions because they experience the expectation of what they are making and then have fun with it. Some board games are:


This is a famous card game for 2 to 10 participants, it helps to learn about mathematics and expands the vocabulary of children and all its participants. It consists of each player starting with seven cards that have been previously dealt face down.

The remaining cards are placed in a draw area, on the other hand, a space must be allocated for discard cards and, Let's play and learn! Typically, most games go clockwise.

Each participant looks at her card and tries to match the card with the last one in the discard pile. The meaning is that the cards match the number, color or symbol.

The player who does not have the option to throw or decides not to play any of his cards, despite having an option, must draw a card from the draw area. If that card that he has taken can be used, he must play. If not, the game continues with the other participant. The winner of this educational board game is who runs out of cards first.


It is a game that was born about a thousand years ago in China, it can easily be known by everyone, including the little ones in the house. This educational board game has four participants, it is favorable for children's concentration and memory.

Dominoes have 28 rectangular tiles marked between 0 and 6 points on each end of the face side, usually the back of the tiles is white.The stones or tokens must be distributed by player

To start, players must add tiles to both sides of the first domino. Tiles can only be added in sequence and if they match the one already on the table. The winning player is the one who runs out of chips first.

Where to buy educational games for children?

Most of the educational games for children must be acquired through a purchase. Although it is also possible to get some that can be made at home. Some options for purchasing these games are:


An American e-commerce company, it is a way where you can get many educational games for children regardless of their age.

Free Market

A company dedicated to buying, selling and paying online in Latin America, it is a good place to buy educational games for the little ones in the house.

If electronic shopping is not your strong point, you could go to common toy stores, the catalog of educational games is quite extensive. The aforementioned games are quite popular, which means that it won't take long to find them.

How to make educational games for children?

It is important to know that educational games for children do not always need materials to make them. When you can't leave the house or if the plan is to keep your home warm, there can also be fun.

If a family member's birthday is coming up, you could spend the afternoon making greeting cards with simple materials: paper and colors. These activities are a stimulus for emotions for both the child and the family.

A cardboard airplane could be an option where everyone participates and the goal is for the child to fit inside.

A collage, children are fans of hoarding things, it would be extraordinary one afternoon to make a beautiful picture to hang at home that has photos of the whole family.

The creation of educational games should be done with the purpose of educating children and at the same time making them happy, it is important to know that educational games are not only for schools and teachers. The family is the most fundamental thing in everyone's life, being part of the children's education counts a lot for them.


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