Learn to do manual botany experiments

Undoubtedly, one of the sciences that should be studied the most is botany because the existence of life on this planet also depends on the existence of plants, not only because they are the maximum producers of oxygen, but they also constitute the first link in the food chain.

That is why we suggest you interest your children in botany with these simple experiments:

Growth of plant shoots towards the light

What you are going to need is a tender shoot of a plant that you can get from your garden, place it in a very dark place, which should only be lit by a small light or a candle, with the passing of days you will be able to realize that the bud will have leaned and grown towards the only light source available to it. It needs it to carry out its photosynthesis process and grow.

Not all seeds become plants

Try demarcating an area of ​​the garden with your children or create a box with soil and compost to plant your seeds. Now proceed to count them and then plant and water them, putting them in a place where the light conditions are favorable.

In a short time you will be able to observe that the plants that were born are much less than the number of seeds that were sown, this is because not all of them are destined to be successful in reproducing. By simple natural selection, as Darwin would say, only seeds that are strong will make it. Imagine how much you can teach children with this simple experiment.

Are the seeds damaged by water, or not?

What has been scientifically demonstrated is that some seeds that have remained submerged for time in water have been able, after being properly planted, to become beautiful plants.

To demonstrate this fact, what you must do is submerge a number of seeds in a container of water for two weeks, regardless of whether the water is fresh or salty. After that time, take them out and put them to dry, but without letting the sun wither them. When you consider it appropriate, proceed to plant them with your children, who will have participated in the whole process and you will see that some very beautiful plants are born.

Relationship of plants with insects

There are plants that require the help of insects to be able to spread their pollen and pollinate other plants to reproduce. That is the case of red clover, this phenomenon was given the name of co-evolution. This is a process that occurs with almost all plants that have flowers. You probably have that kind of plant in your garden and if you don't have one, you can build a window box and plant it with flowering plants from the red clover family.

Soon you will be able to observe that flying insects such as bees are approaching and that when they perch on the flowers, their body and legs are filled with a kind of dust, it is the pollen that they are going to transport to the next flower in the that are going to perch, concluding the pollination process.

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