Riddles for children, a game full of fun

Do you like to play guessing games? Surely yes. Both riddles for kids and brain teasers are word games to create group entertainment. And so you can have fun, thanks to the content of these and whose answers you must discover. Unlike riddles, riddles are much more playful and wacky than riddles,

The riddles turn out to be phrases that rhyme, therefore, they are more fun and easier to understand for the little ones in the house. This word game is easier to conceive and the answers are easier to guess. If you want to understand a little more about what the riddles are about, here we will tell you.

Riddles for children vs riddles

The word riddle is a synonym for a riddle that comes from guessing right, from getting the correct answer to the mystery that we have been asked. But as we mentioned before, they differ in the way they use the subject. Verses usually with rhymes or assonances are used to lay out the clues.

The riddles on the other hand, are totally opposite, since they are received in the form of prose, this would be the most marked difference between the two. riddles for children originated from riddles. But to those who, the meaning was changed so that children could understand easily and simply.

The word riddle comes from the Latin ad divinum, which means the divine gift of discovering a mystery. There were priests who were the ancient diviners who could see the future. Since they had that gift, they related it to this word due to the successes they had, as well as to the current riddles.

Characteristics of riddles:

They present guiding words

All the contents have hidden or divided keywords, they create clues that when joined awaken the receiver's imagination. In this way you get to build a meaning and find the solution.

Example: “I tell you, I tell you” observe what is repeated and there is the answer

What is it? THE FABRIC

They have misleading phrases

Rhymes are often used with misleading clues, tricky double meanings or rhetorical words, making comparisons, representations and animalizations. With the purpose of disorienting the listener and making it difficult for him to find the solution.

It presents the options in a confusing way, there can be several answers, the correct one being the most innocent option. What the one who says it takes advantage of to fool the guesser.

Example: “I run and I have no legs… Answer: Time

They serve to entertain

It is a very entertaining and fun way to play, but at the same time it will entertain and educate you. You can share this word game with your family and friends.

Content of the riddle

The content of the riddles for children is important because it is related to many things. They can be about your daily life, which can be things that you have in your house or also outside of it, even inside the school. You should not rule out anything and put all your imagination into action.

So you have to be careful because the answer can be associated with several elements. Which make up nature, any type of animal, fruits, letters, numbers, kitchen utensils, people, family, footwear, clothing, etc.Anything you can imagine can be included in those answers

Riddles with Answers

In this section we will show you 10 examples of different riddles:

  1. I have a very round head, no nose, eyes or forehead, and my body is made up of only white teeth

Answer: Garlic

  1. I'm small and elongated, in two shells placed, since I can't swim, I stick to the rocks of the sea.

Answer: The Mussel

  1. Go to the field at night if you want to meet me, I am a man with big eyes, a serious face and great knowledge.

Answer: The owl.

  1. I am a rather elegant animal, very fast and not very fierce, and when I want to put on my shoes I go to a blacksmith's house.

Answer: The horse.

  1. I sleep in a bed that never wrinkles. Of all the herbs, I prefer lettuce. I have long ears and a tiny tail. If we have a race, I win hands down.

Answer: THE rabbit

  1. There is a hill in a new square, and in it two caves, further down a deep well, which has a red border. High equal windows, in them two astute girls, who through their glass see everything and observe it.

Answer: The face, nose, mouth and eyes.

  1. My initial is in "curve" but not road and my second letter is in "exquisite". In "chubby" and not obese you will find my third. "Domestic" and patient, I use the residue to delight the whole world.

Answer: The pig

  1. If you ask me my name and my initial is on a glove and the second letter is always on the move. The third and fourth will be found in total. I'm the smartest and most handsome, but the least cordial.

Answer: The cat.

  1. When we grow up we will be green and yellow, our sisters are also red. We are famous baked, and they fantasize about our cakes, you can also eat us without us being cooked.

Answer: The apple.

  1. Wearing a very white suit I found this little man. Under the terrible cold I got to see him very straight. But when the sun suddenly sent its heat to us, this strange man ran away.

Answer: The Snowman

Do you like riddles?

As you will see the riddles for children are very varied and are not difficult to answer. The most important thing is to concentrate on listening carefully to the lines and rhymes to make sense of what you are saying to yourself. Another thing you can do is create your riddles, of course you must first practice looking for riddles that are easy.

But as you learn, you can invent your own. This way you can surprise your family and friends because you will dominate the game very well. Then start looking for riddles so you can be an expert guessing and leave everyone speechless.


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