Activities to work on our children's memory in a fun way

One of the most important aspects of child development is memory. There are numerous activities to work memory with children, all of them very useful, which will positively influence their cognitive development and personal growth.

Memory characteristics and problems in children

There are four fundamental types of memory that are essential for our daily functioning, and it is essential to understand them in order to develop activities that help us improve them:

  1. The sensory memory is responsible for receiving external stimuli (visual or auditory) and retaining them for a short time before transferring them to short-term memory .
  2. short-term memory stores a very limited amount of information for a short period of time.
  3. With the information held in short-term memory we can work and manipulate thanks to the working memory or working memory.
  4. Finally, the most important information in short-term memory can be stored virtually infinitely and for an indefinite time in long-term memory, which is the responsible for storing memories and knowledge acquired throughout life.

As we can see, all these types of memory are closely related, and a deficit in any of them would mean, as a chain reaction, a lack in any of the others. This can lead to problems with attention and concentration from a very young age.

Activities to improve memory in children

Unconsciously, all parents carry out activities to improve short-term memory in children from their earliest childhood.

The repetition of songs and the plays of lights and sounds are the first memory stimuli that little ones receive. These memory activities help them develop sensory memory and, little by little, short-term memory. The more exercised the memory is from the early years, the fewer attention problems the child will develop.

There are also activities to work memory in primary school, such as board games specifically developed for this, such as classic visual memory games, memorizing songs and tongue twisters or even specific video games aimed at memorization, depending on the particular interests of each child.

Keeping your memory fresh is important at any age. If you normally find it difficult to find your mobile phone, your keys, remember where you parked your car or even if you have ever found your glasses in the fridge (sad true story), you can still take advantage and play with your child to stimulate memory, it will come to you very good to stimulate yours and improve your attention.

As you can see, the activities to work on memory are essential from birth and just as important at all ages. These activities help them in their cognitive development and avoid later attention problems. Take the opportunity to develop these activities with your children, as it will be very useful to you too. In addition to spending quality time with the little one, you will be stimulating your own memory and this will provide both of you with enormous benefits.

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