What does a 3 year old play? Your development and entertainment

To understand what a three-year-old plays at and why, we must first establish where he is in his development.

The three-year-old boy finds a very important change at this moment in his life, he has gone from being a baby to a schoolboy. He must begin to follow rules and interact with children his own age. Hopefully, he's just out of the tantrum stage (dear parents, "damn twos" are insufferable, we know, but they get over it, too) and these bouts of unbridled anger and despair are becoming less frequent. The three-year-old boy begins to develop his fine motor skills and begins to show interest in playing with other children his age, interacting with them, and not only playing with them.

How to develop the skills of a three-year-old

It is important to help the child in her development, both in motor development and in her social interactions with children her age. For this purpose, parents and educators can guide the child through age-appropriate activities that enhance these new skills. It is also important to encourage interaction with other children, both in the classroom by the educator, and in the park or social and family gatherings by the parents.

The best way to achieve this is through games geared towards this age.

Perfect games for three-year-olds

Surely by now you're wondering how a three-year-old child plays , but don't worry if you're still not sure, because we're going to give you some clues.

The three-year-old loves using his newfound fine motor skills, can already hold small parts in his hand and try to fit it in the right place. For this, the games of fitting pieces and mosaic are ideal. Also games that develop memory are very suitable for them, both to play alone and with other children.

At this age, the most usual thing is that they have already overcome the phase of putting all the toys in their mouths, so the inner policeman that you carry inside can begin to relax and you can give him more autonomy. We know that this feeling of insecurity will continue for a while, it is normal, but little by little it will disappear, I assure you, there will even come a time when you will be grateful to lose sight of it for a while (“hello, adolescence, how little you want we have to see you”), although at that moment the concerns will be very different. But let's leave that for now, we'll cry when the time comes.

The games for three-year-olds are, therefore, an ideal tool to help them in their development. Sometimes we will have to spend some time explaining how it works, but most of these games allow them to play alone , encouraging their independence. Now that you know what a three-year-old boy plays with, you just have to choose the toys that you like the most to help him develop his newly released skills.

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