At what age is it better to start studying English?

If you are wondering at what age to start studying English, you should know that any age is a good one to start learning this language… well, any language! Over the years, the brain loses elasticity and it becomes increasingly difficult for it to learn a new language (it will be more difficult, but not impossible). There is no age to learn English, any age is good for it.

In the case of both children and adults, the answer is the same: the best age to learn languages ​​is the one you have at that moment.

At what age is it best for children to start learning English?

Up to the age of four, children absorb learning a new language as if it were another mother tongue. In the same way that we speak to them in our mother tongue from the first moment and we hope that little by little they assimilate it, we can do the same with English.

It has been shown that children of parents with different mother tongues who receive both stimuli from birth develop both languages ​​as their own. They may start speaking a little later, but they speak directly as bilinguals. The wait is certainly worth it. So, if you were wondering at what age children should start studying, you have already seen that there is no minimum.

How to teach English to your children from an early age

It is important that they start learning as soon as possible, but it is also important that the stimuli they receive are adequate.

If you are bilingual or have impeccable pronunciation, you can speak to your child in both languages ​​from birth. But, if your pronunciation in English is not good (if when you speak English you sound like Paco Martínez-Soria just landed in the capital or if sometimes trying to make yourself understood in English you have ended up invoking the evil one) it would be better not to speak English to your son, the idea is that he develops the language correctly and with an adequate pronunciation. Don't despair, there are several methods that will help you in this process.


Although we know that television is not the best thing for children, it is also true that it is very difficult to escape from it. And, let's not fool ourselves, it makes life much easier for us to have the children entertained for a little while a day. Since they are inevitably going to watch television, why take advantage of it and let them learn the language?

If you choose English television programs in the original version, the child will develop comprehension, lexicon learning and correct pronunciation almost without realizing it. Today the offer is vast. To give an example, Peppa Pig is a British series with an impeccable pronunciation and children love it! The pink pig will be a good ally in your little one's learning.

Educational games

There are numerous educational games for learning this language adapted to each age of development of the child.

From six months there are toys such as learning tables with sounds in Spanish and English and, from the year, when they begin to develop finer motor skills, you have books interactive for the same purpose. Both options are good for learning vocabulary.

As the child grows, her needs change and, from the age of four or five we find both interactive toys and the first board games. These options will help you understand certain expressions in English, as well as begin to express yourself in this language.

From the age of seven , the child can already play more complicated games in which he can make the first connections of ideas.Without realizing it and through the game, he will have been developing the learning of a new language

Now that you know at what age to start studying English, it is important that you try to do it in a correct and fun way so that the child understands it as a game and not as an obligation.


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