July 7, International Soil Conservation Day

Today July 7th is...

- San Fermin!...

- Shut up! no! ...or yes...but we don't care now...

Today, July 7, is International Soil Conservation Day, which aims to make people aware of the fundamental importance of the earth within the fragile environmental balance since 1963.

e chose this day in particular, in honor of the American scientist Hugh Hammond Bennett, who dedicated his life to demonstrating that caring for the soil directly influences the productive capacity of the themselves or as he himself said: “Productive land is our base, because everything we do begins and is maintained with the sustained productivity of our agricultural land.”

The soil is very important for our entire food system, from the cultivation of food (vegetables, fruits,...) to the food of other living beings.

In a world where there is continuous talk about climate change, hardly anyone has stopped to think about how contamination or excessive exploitation of soil affects the destruction of the environment, putting the survival of species at risk.

Desertification is a process of ecological degradation in which fertile soils lose all or part of their productive capacity. This phenomenon can occur for three main reasons, which are:

- Deforestation

- Unbalanced land use

- Misuse of mechanized equipment

Apart from this day, there are two more days to try to raise awareness about this issue;

- June 17, the UN celebrates the World Day to Combat Desertification and Drought

- December 5, FAO celebrates World Soil Day

if it is an issue that worries more than we usually realize.

And for this reason, it is good this day, inform us and share it.

- and long live San Fermín!

- and come on... sorry... get out of my blog!

#InternationalSoil Conservation Day

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