July 4, World Day for Dolphins in Captivity

Today is the World Day for Dolphins in Captivity, promoted by various environmental organizations, its primary objective is to end once and for all the retention of dolphins that are in captivity, as well as the closure of all dolphinariums that currently exist in different countries around the world.

Dolphins are aquatic animals that enjoy great intelligence and beauty, which do not deserve to be in captivity, since this significantly affects both their development and their behavior.

One question that arises from the use of these animals for human entertainment and commerce is whether this will affect their species and cause them to disappear from the world's oceans.

But this question should not only affect dolphins but also human behavior towards all animals and ecological resources.

It is a very difficult question to analyze, answer and even more difficult to give a satisfactory solution.

But raising awareness about dolphins can be a good start.

The first country to make a firm decision to ban dolphinariums was Costa Rica. He was joined by Brazil, the United States, Israel, England, among others. This wise decision seeks to dignify and save the life of a unique species, which has shown clear signs of possessing a supernatural intelligence.

We can celebrate this day by searching for information on the subject, raising awareness and posting a post from an environmental group on a social network, helping them to reach more people with their message.


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