July 20, Friendship Day

Friend's Day has a curious story.

Friend's Day, has its origins in the famous arrival of man on the moon and it is that this was the event chosen by Enrique Ernesto Febbraro, an Argentine broadcaster member of the Masonic lodge, to try to encourage a celebration in the world that revolved around an altruistic virtue such as sincere friendship.

The reason for this decision is that Aldrin was also a Freemason and Febrano felt a lot of empathy towards him. So it occurred to him that an excellent way to celebrate this man's achievement was to commemorate on the eve of his trip a day that had as its genesis a clean and pure human feeling, such as friendship.

Don't tell me he doesn't have the grace of it.

We have a proposal to celebrate it; make a meeting to conduct a scientific experiment. It is not necessary to reach the Moon like Aldrin in Apollo XI. But you can stay to do a simple gravity experiment or a wind resistance experiment or...

And then you take a picture of it or of something else related and share it on networks with the hashtag #Friend's Day

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