July 16, World Snake Day.

Don't run away!

July 16th is World Snake Day. Despite being a date with unclear origins, it is celebrated by wildlife enthusiasts around the world with great passion.

You don't know whether to keep reading or run away. But something inside you tells you that this topic is fascinating.

Snakes play an important role in the ecosystem by controlling rodents and pests, and increased awareness can help build support for a deeper understanding of these elusive creatures. Common species are sometimes kept as pets, but in a rush for exotic species much damage can be done. For example, species could become endangered, or be mistakenly introduced to a new area, upsetting the ecological balance.

In the movies if a snake comes out it is already synonymous that something bad can happen to the protagonist. And if more come out, I won't even tell you, the protagonist who begins to cross himself. But snakes if they are not bothered or put in danger do not want to face humans. And it is that, in addition, only a quarter of the snakes could be poisonous.

Snakes are the second most diverse group of reptiles with more than 3400 species and are present except for Antarctica on all continents. Pay attention to the data. There are no snakes in Antarctica. Well, they're not very stupid if they don't go to Antarctica. Only bears and scientists should go to Antarctica (well, penguins and seals and some other little animals).

It is a good day to find out more about this fascinating animal and to share it with your family and friends. And don't buy one, leave them alone.

And tell us how your friends and family have reacted to your explanations.


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