July 1, International Joke Day

Today, July 1, is International Joke Day

And what does the joke have to do with science, technology or robotics?

No idea. But if we could achieve a world in which we can tell jokes without offending, laugh together and share the moment, surely we would have a better world. Or something better. Or go to know.

So the goal of International Joke Day is to achieve through humor that all people are able to share moments of joy using jokes and funny expressions and that this helps them to make life more pleasant.

A proposal for today would be that we share a joke with the hastag #InternationalJokeDay.

There goes mine;

- do you know English?

- yes, high level

- how do you say mother in English?


- very good, could you make a sentence that includes that word?

- I love you, mother seal.


(I hope no one is offended by this joke, least of all the rappers with their pants down to their knees and a gun to their feet)

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