August 1, World Day of Joy

August begins well with the celebration of the World Day of Joy, which was established in 2010 at the initiative of the Colombian Alfonso Becerra at a Cultural Management Congress held in Chile.

The World Day of Joy serves to reflect on the importance of keeping that feeling in mind at every moment of life and its transforming power.

Expert psychologists define joy as a passing emotion that manifests itself through laughter or a smile, although it is also true that joy causes manifestations of all kinds, from jumping, clapping, dancing … Each person expresses it differently.

Actually, joy is a subjective emotion, and it will depend a lot on the person you ask. There will be people who will be happy to lie in a hammock on a Caribbean beach. And for others, the joy is to do a good walk in the mountains.

What is certain is that a happy person performs more, tends to be healthier, to overcome difficulties, and to bring joy to the people around him, to do good. Joy multiplies exponentially, so we encourage you to share your joy so that more people get this feeling, one of the most beautiful that human beings can have.

There are many things that can give us joy and these are different for each person, although there are some issues that seem to repeat themselves more;

Although each person feels happy with very different things, there are certain things that usually bring joy to any person in the world. I'm sure you could expand the list:

  • A caress, smile or hug from a loved one.
  • Music or a good movie.
  • A child's laugh.
  • A success in studies or at work.
  • Share time with friends or loved ones.
  • Overcoming an illness or a challenge.
  • A good meal or a delicious dessert.
  • An ice cream.
  • Play, run, jump.
  • Be in contact with nature.
  • Go to the movies or the theater.

Today is a beautiful day to share something that makes you happy; a song, a photo, a verse, a word,...

And share it;





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