June 8, 1867, in the city of Richland Center (United States), Frank Lloyd Wright, architect, is born.

On this day (June 8), 1867, in the city of Richland Center (United States), Frank Lloyd Wright, architect, was born.
Frank Lloyd Wright designed more than 1,000 structures during a creative period of 70 years. Wright believed in designing in harmony with humanity and the environment, a philosophy he called organic architecture.
Organic architecture is a philosophy of architecture that promotes harmony between human habitation and the natural world. This is achieved through design approaches that seek to be comprehensive and well integrated with a site, so that buildings, furnishings and surroundings become part of a unified and interrelated composition.
This philosophy was exemplified in Fallingwater (1935, Fallingwater House), which has been called "the greatest work of all time in American architecture".
Raised in rural Wisconsin, Wright studied civil engineering at the University of Wisconsin and then was apprenticed in Chicago, first with Joseph Lyman Silsbee (1887) and then with Louis Sullivan (1888). He opened his own successful practice in Chicago in 1893 and established a studio in his home in Oak Park, Illinois in 1898.

Wright rarely attributed any influence to his designs, but most architects, historians, and scholars agree that he had five major influences:

  1. Louis Sullivan (1856, architect, called the father of skyscrapers)) , whom he considered his Lieber Meister (dear teacher)
  2. Nature, particularly forms/forms and colors/patterns of plant life
  3. Music (his favorite composer was Ludwig van Beethoven )
  4. Japanese art, prints and buildings
  5. Froebel Gifts (educational play materials for young children, originally designed by Friedrich Fröbel, 1782, pedagogue)

Out of curiosity, although more famous as an architect, Wright was an active dealer in Japanese art, mainly wood engravings ukiyo-e (genre of Japanese art that flourished between the 17th and 19th centuries)

-------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------------
- do you like the building?
- what building?
- the one I built
- where is it?
- it is in front of you
- I don't see anything
- that's because it's totally integrated into nature
- pass, pass...
- where?
- we are in the living room
- I keep seeing trees
- it is the definitive integration
- this time it's over, Mr. Wright
- this is full integration
- I see..., you look like a cowbell...

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