Niels Henrik David Bohr was born on October 7, 1885 in Copenhagen. He was a Danish physicist who contributed to the understanding of the atom and quantum mechanics.

On this day (October 7), 1885, Niels Henrik David Bohr was born in Copenhagen. He was a Danish physicist who contributed to the understanding of the atom and quantum mechanics.
Bohr was educated at Gammelholm Latin School, starting when he was seven years old. In 1903, Bohr enrolled as a student at the University of Copenhagen . His major was physics, which he studied under Professor Christian Christiansen , the only physics professor at the university at the time. He also studied astronomy and mathematics with Professor Thorvald Thiele, and philosophy with Professor Harald Høffding, a friend of his father.
In September 1911, Bohr, supported by a fellowship from the Carlsberg Foundation, traveled to England. At the time, it was where most of the theoretical work on the structure of atoms and molecules was done.
In 1912 Bohr published his three papers, which later became famous as "the trilogy", in Philosophical Magazine in July, September and November of that year. he Adapted Rutherford's nuclear structure to Max Planck's quantum theory and thus created his model of Bohr of the atom. Planetary models of atoms were not new, but Bohr's treatment was.
In April 1917, Bohr began a campaign to establish an Institute for Theoretical Physics. he gained support from the Danish government and the Carlsberg Foundation, and industry and private donors, many of them Jewish, also made considerable contributions
The Bohr model worked well for hydrogen, but could not explain more complex elements. By 1919, Bohr was moving away from the idea that electrons orbited the nucleus and developed heuristics to describe them.
In 1922 Bohr received the Nobel Prize in Physics "for his services in the investigation of the structure of atoms and of the radiation that emanates from them".
In September 1943 news reached Bohr that he was about to be arrested by the Germans in World War II and fled to Sweden. From there, he was flown to Britain, where he joined the British Tube Alloys nuclear weapons project and was part of the British mission to the Manhattan Project .
As a curiosity to mention that he was involved in the establishment of CERN and the Risø Research Center of the Danish Atomic Energy Commission. the first president of the Nordic Institute for Theoretical Physics in 1957.
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