September 6, 1522, Juan Sebastián Elcano arrives in Spain

On a day like today (September 6), 1522, the Basque Juan Sebastián Elcano arrived in Sanlúcar de Barrameda (Spain) with only one ship and 18 men, after completing the first circumnavigation of the world.
Juan Sebastián Elcano​ was born in Getaria in 1476, he was a Spanish sailor.
Ferdinand Magellan was a Portuguese sailor who planned to travel west to reach the Indies without having to go around Africa.
This project interested the Spanish crown since bordering the African coast meant passing through Portuguese colonies with which they were at odds at the time.
But this project was dangerous and Magellan had a hard time recruiting a crew. The crew that was incorporated into his project used to include desperate people, debtors and outlaws of justice like Elcano himself.
And because of the wars in which he had participated with his 200-ton ship, Elcano had incurred debts that, since they were not reestablished by the Spanish crown, had to give his ship to foreign lenders ( Savoyards) and that, in times of war, was considered illegal.
Magellan's expedition left Seville on August 10, 1519 with five ships and 239 men. It was a trip full of accidents, riots, adventures...practically 3 years later, the trip ended with only one ship and 18 men commanded by Elcano returning.
Elcano, on his return, demanded the title of knight of Santiago, the captaincy of the navy, and permission to bear arms. The King denied all of his requests although he granted her a pension of five hundred ducats and a globe on his shield with the motto: « PRIMUS CIRCUMDEDISTI ME »
As a curiosity about the sphere of the Earth, say that if a car traveled non-stop through the equator at 100 km/h, it would take 16 days, 16 hours and 45 minutes to complete the entire journey. However, a car that went around the world passing through the North Pole and the South Pole would take 80 minutes less. That is, the Earth is not a perfect sphere.
- Juan Sebastian!
- tell me honey?
- Where have you been?
- well... this... going around the world...
-ok, ok... of course, of course... come on, get ready we're late to eat with my mother... today is her birthday and we can't miss it...

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