On November 6, 1771, in Prague, now Czechia, Aloys Senefelder was born.

On this day (November 6), 1771, in Prague, current Czech Republic, Aloys Senefelder was born, a German inventor who in 1796 would devise and develop the technique for printing through lithography.
Aloys Senefelder's father was a dramatic actor and he also opted for the performing arts not so much as an actor but as a drama writer. Seeking publishers for his works, he began researching his own forms of print.
One morning in 1796, when Aloys Senefelder, playwright and musician, wrote the list of clothes that the washerwoman was going to take, on the only thing that was at hand, a polished stone, with a grease pencil. From that day on he began to experiment with that and other stones, based on the known lack of affinity between water and fat and on the etching technique.

In his method, according to what he says, he makes a drawing or writes on a stone with a greasy composition of soap, wax and lamp black (carbon black); he then cleans the stone plate by washing it with water, which being done, it is dipped into the etching and allowed to soak, so that the liquid is in contact with the unmarked parts of the stone. Thus, there remains a surface with the drawing made in relief on the rest of the stone.

The printing ink is then applied and thanks to the relief it adheres only to the marked parts, since the water has protected the rest of the plate. With this inked surface, it is now possible to make multiple prints of the previously drawn document or figure by simply applying the inked stone on the target surface, paper or any other. This is the process called printing o Engraving.

Distinguished artists discovered new qualities of lithography as an artistic process. Its delicacy and rich shades of black made it the direct method preferred by artists for the exact reproduction of facsimile drawings. Among some artists distinguishes Francisco Goya who gave impetus to this type of art.


- what are you doing?
- a poster
- on a stone?
- yes, and then I'll put it on paper
- why don't you do it on paper first?
- because with the stone I can, later, make many equal papers
- ooooohhhhh... you're a magician...
- a daemon
- not
- a monster
- noooooooo...too bad!
- that's what I am, yes....

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