March 6, 1869 Mendeleev presents the first version of the Periodic Table at a session at the Russian Chemical Society.

On this day (March 6), 1869, Mendeleev presents the first version of the Periodic Table in a session at the Russian Chemical Society.
Dmitri Ivanovich Mendeleev was born on February 8, 1834 and was a chemist and inventor. He is best remembered for formulating the Periodic Law and creating a forward-looking version of the periodic table of elements.
Since ancient times, human beings have wondered what things are made of. And since the time of ancient Greece it has also tried to organize these elements; air, water, earth, fire.
Over the years (and centuries) some scholars (and later scientists) began to realize that there were more different elements that made things up; copper, iron, carbon, silicon,... This greatly complicated the task of organizing them.
Throughout the 19th century, they made different proposals for organizing elements and being able to see in a simple way how they are similar and how they are different.
The definitive organizational solution was provided by Dmitri Mendeleev. Mendeleev's great idea was the following;
ordered all the known elements of the time from least to greatest weight (on the left of the table the lightest and on the right the heaviest) but from time to time he made row breaks to make sure that the elements that remained in the same column had similar properties.
In this table, Mendeleev left gaps blank because he said those gaps are for elements not yet discovered. For example, under the aluminum there had to be another element that should meet the requirements of ;
  • metal element
  • low melting point
  • density of 6 gr/cm3
Because of these claims, the periodic table was not taken very seriously by the scientific community.
6 years after the presentation of the periodic table, the researcher Paul Émile Lecoq discovered an element, which he called Gallium, which met the following requirements:
  • metal element
  • low melting point
  • density of 6 gr/cm3
With his table, Mendeleev laid one of the pillars of modern chemistry with a very simple idea;
Element properties have patterns, and these patterns are repeated periodically.
One of his best-known phrases is;
"What science sows, people will reap."
----------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------------
- Hello, I have come to present the Periodic Table
- who?
- to the members of the Society
- everyone?
- but I think you'll be interested
- I don't think so, they're stupid
- hey, some respect
- respect? why?
- because chemists are owed a bit of respect, right?
- what chemicals?
- but, but isn't this the Russian Chemical Society?
- no, this is the International Bobo Society
- stupid? and what do they do?
- well various nonsense
- like what?
- I don't know, today we have a slow motion race backwards
- what nonsense
- I already told you
- well, I'm going to the Russian Chemical Society... but then I'll go back to that career, sign me up...
- ok , it's at 17:00

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