July 6, 1885, in France, Joseph Meister, a young man bitten by a rabid dog, becomes the first human being to save his life thanks to the technique used by Louis Pasteur, by inoculating him by means of a vaccine.

On this day (July 6) in 1885, in France, Joseph Meister, a young man bitten by a rabid dog, becomes the first human being to save his life thanks to the technique used by Louis Pasteur , by inoculating him, by means of a vaccine.
Rabies is a viral, acute, infectious zoonotic disease (transmitted from animals to humans and vice versa). It is caused by a Rhabdoviridae that attacks the central nervous system, causing encephalitis with a fatality close to 100%.
Louis Pasteur was born in Dole, France on December 27, 1822 and was a chemist, physicist, mathematician and bacteriologist, whose discoveries were of enormous importance in various fields of science. natural sciences, especially in chemistry and microbiology.
The technique known as pasteurization (removing part or all of the germs from a product by raising its temperature for a short time) is due to him, which allowed the development of autoclave sterilization (it is a thick-walled metal pressure vessel with a hermetic closure that allows working at high pressure).
Through experiments, he definitively disproved the theory of spontaneous generation and developed the germ theory of infectious diseases. Because of his work, he is considered the pioneer of modern microbiology.
Although the germ theory was very controversial in its beginnings, today it is fundamental in modern medicine and clinical microbiology, leading to such important innovations as the development of vaccines, antibiotics, sterilization and hygiene as effective methods of cure and prevention against the spread of infectious diseases.
This idea represents the beginning of scientific medicine, showing that disease is the visible effect (signs and symptoms) of a cause that can be sought and eliminated through specific treatment. In the case of infectious diseases, you must look for the germ that causes each disease to find a way to combat it.
Joseph Meister was born in Paris, France, on February 21, 1876. In 1885, at the age of nine, Meister was bitten by a rabid dog on his way to school. Meissengott school, after provoking him with a stick.
Pasteur decided to treat the boy with a rabies virus studied in rabbits and subsequently weakened. This method had been tried long ago in dogs. The treatment was a complete success, which lasted 10 days with daily injections, thanks to which the child did not develop the disease. The fame of this first vaccination allowed to launch the creation of the Pasteur Institute
Out of curiosity, Meister served as an adult guard at the Pasteur Institute until his death in 1940, at the age of 64.
-------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- ------
- tell me sir?
- my son has rabies!
- then tell him to let her go!
- how?
- rabies is really bad!
- then tell your son to stop raging immediately!
- but... but... how am I going to do that?
- to say ¡Rage out! I leave you angry!
- hey, are you a doctor?
- isn't that Dr. Pasteur?
- and who is it?
- I'm Dr. Pasteur's stupid cousin
- wow, where is Dr. Pasteur?
-he went on an errand and now he's back, can I help him with something else?
- no, please, I'll wait.

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