October 5, 1882, born in Massachusetts, Robert Hutchings Goddard, was an engineer, professor, physicist, and inventor.

On this day (October 5), 1882, Robert Hutchings Goddard was born in Massachusetts, he was an American engineer, professor, physicist and inventor who is credited with creating the first liquid fuel rocket.
With the electrification of American cities in the 1880s, the young Goddard became interested in science, specifically engineering and technology . When his father showed him how to generate static electricity on the family rug, the five-year-old's imagination fired.
Aged 16, when Goddard attempted to build a balloon out of aluminum., shaping the raw metal in the workshop of his house and filling it with hydrogen. After nearly five weeks of methodical and documented efforts, he finally abandoned the project, commenting: "... the balloon won't go up. ... The aluminum is too heavy. Failure crowns the enterprise."
Young Goddard was a thin and frail boy, often in frail health. He suffered from stomach problems, pleurisy, colds and bronchitis, and was two years behind his classmates. he became a voracious reader, regularly visiting the local public library to borrow books on the physical sciences
The high school student summarized his ideas about space travel in a proposed paper, "The Navigation of Space," which he submitted to Popular Science News. The magazine's publisher returned it, saying they wouldn't be able to use it "for the foreseeable future."
Goddard's work as a theorist and engineer anticipated many of the developments that would make spaceflight possible. He has been called the man who ushered in the Space Age . Two of Goddard's 214 patented inventions, a rocket multi-stage rocket (1914) and a liquid fuel rocket (1914), were important milestones towards space flight.
As a curiosity to comment that Although his work in the field was revolutionary, Goddard received little public support, moral or monetary, for the work of research and development of it. He was a shy person, and rocket research was not considered a suitable activity for a physics teacher. The press and other scientists ridiculed his theories about space flight. As a result, he became protective of her privacy and his work. He preferred to work alone also due to the aftermath of a tuberculosis attack
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- Come on!
- Come on!
- three... two... one... go ahead!
- ...
- ...
- ....
- this doesn't work
- what have we done wrong?
- well I don't know
- Did you put liquid in it?
- enough?
- enough
- Did you put the liquid I gave you?
- that one? not
- right?
- and what liquid did you put in it?
- water
- Water??
- oh my...

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