November 5, 1917, Jacqueline Auriol was born in Challans (France), who in 1948 obtained the title of aviation pilot and shortly after became the first woman with the title of test pilot.

On this day (November 5), 1917, Jacqueline Auriol was born in Challans (France), and in 1948 she obtained the title of aviation pilot and shortly after became the first woman with the test pilot title
Jaqueline Auriol graduated from the University of Nantes and then studied art at the École du Louvre in Paris.
She began flying in 1946, earned her pilot's license in 1948, and became an accomplished stunt pilot and test pilot.
Auriol was seriously injured in a SCAN 30 accident in which she was a passenger in 1949 (many of the bones in her face were broken ) and spent nearly three years in hospitals undergoing 33 reconstructive operations. To occupy his mind, he studied algebra, trigonometry, aerodynamics, and other subjects necessary for advanced pilot certification.
She obtained a military pilot's license in 1950 and later qualified as one of the first female pilots tests . She was one of the first women to break the sound barrier and set five world speed records in the 1950s and 1960s.
On four occasions, an American president awarded her the Harmon International Trophy in recognition of her feats in aviation . He once explained his passion for flying by saying: "I feel so happy when I fly. Perhaps it is the feeling of power, the pleasure of mastering a machine as beautiful as a purebred horse. "Mixed with these basic joys is another, less primal feeling, that of mission accomplished. Every time I set foot on an airfield, I feel with new excitement that this is where I belong."
As a curiosity to mention that in 1983 he became a founding member of the French Académie de l'air et de l'espace.
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- daughter, will you come to dinner?
- I can't daddy
- why?
- why am I going on a trip to the US
- to the USA?
- But the US doesn't exist
- yes it exists, daddy
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- where to?
- over there
- ok, look
- do you see the USA?
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