Gerardo Mercator, Dutch cartographer, mathematician and geographer, was born on March 5, 1512 in Rupelmonde (Holland).

On this day (March 5), 1512, in Rupelmonde (Holland), Gerardo Mercator, Dutch cartographer, mathematician and geographer, was born.
Gerardo Mercator is known for creating the world map of 1569 based on a new projection that represented constant heading navigation courses (course lines) as straight lines, an innovation still used on nautical charts.
The Mercator projection is a cartographic representation system for making maps of the earth's surface.
Mercator imagined the Earth contained in a cylinder whose diameter was equivalent to that of the Equator. Then he drew straight lines from the center of the Earth to all the points on the surface of the globe and these lines, when lengthened, would also cut the surface of the cylinder, thus obtaining a correspondence between the points on both surfaces (the spherical of the Earth and the flat face of the cylinder.
The cylinder could then be unfolded, generating a flat map of the Earth, allowing navigation routes to be drawn simply with straight lines.
But the Mercator projection has a problem; as we get closer to the poles, the surface gets bigger and stops being real. For example;
  • Greenland looks about the size of Africa, when in fact the area of ​​Africa is 14 times larger.
  • Alaska appears similar in size to Brazil, when the area of ​​Brazil is 5 times larger.
These flaws have carried over into geography books for years so that we have grown up with a view of the world that is certainly not real.
As a curiosity about the maps, comment that the first known map puts North at the top and South at the bottom. It is known as the map of Kangnido, and is of Korean origin. It was created in 1402 by an astronomer named Kwon Kun.
-------------------------------------------- -----------------------------------------
- Mercator, what are you doing?
- I am trying to improve the navigation system for the sea
- Great, the sea is an adventure
- do you like the sea?
- yes, with my family we have made several trips
- oh yeah?
- yes, in the last one my father wanted to see the sea from the cabin and colpe with the window
- Hatch
- ugh! A lot! don't see how he puts all the neighbors!

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