January 5, 2002 the creation of the first artificial eye is announced in Japan.

On this day (January 5), 2002, the creation of the first artificial eye was announced in Japan.
Japanese scientists from Kyoto University have reported that they have succeeded for the first time in creating an artificial eye using cells from frog embryos and transplanting it into a tadpole that had one of its eyes removed .
The research team at the University of Tokyo led by Professor Makoto Asashima (professor of biology at this University) confirmed that the creation of the first artificial eye was already underway with results positive and very hopeful.

They started from the basis of the similarity between the basic functioning of the human body and that of frogs. They proceeded to the experiment with a tadpole whose left eye was extracted, carrying out, immediately afterwards and in a special medium, the implantationion of the artificial eye created, together with their respective stem cells impregnated with a special solution .

A week later they found that the tadpole's eyeball had already connected naturally with the optic nerves and did not show a single symptom of rejection .

Out of curiosity, the Japanese team had already succeeded in transplanting, using a similar but simpler technique, artificial kidneys from frog cells.

-------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------
- watch out!
- Watch out!
- no!
- right?
- watch out!
- watch out!
- nope!
- then what?
- I have an eye!
- and me two
- an artificial eye
- an artificial eye?
- and we're going to implant it into a tadpole
- what for?
- so you can see
- the tadpole is going to find out

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