George Gamow, physicist and astronomer, was born on March 4, 1904 in Odessa (Russia).

On this day (March 4), 1904, George Gamow, physicist and astronomer, was born in Odessa (Russia).
George Gamow worked on a variety of topics including the atomic nucleus, star formation, stellar nucleosynthesis, nucleocosmogenesis, and the genetic code. He was also a scientific popularizer with several works.
Among his main jobs were:
  • Radioactive decay . In 1928, Gamow at Göttingen had solved the theory of alpha decay of a nucleus by tunneling, with the mathematical help of Nikolai Kochin
  • Big Bang Nucleosynthesis . Gamow's work led to the development of the "big bang" theory of the expanding universe.
  • DNA and RNA . Gamow attempted to solve the problem of how the arrangement of four different bases (adenine, cytosine, thymine, and guanine) in DNA strands could control the synthesis of proteins from their constituent amino acids.
Gamow was a highly successful science writer, with several of his books still in print more than half a century after their initial publication.
In 1956, UNESCO awarded him the Kalinga Prize for his work in popularizing science with his series of books< s26> Mr. Tompkins ... (1939-1967), his book One, Two, Three ... Infinity and other works
Out of curiosity, Gámow was once described as "the only scientist in the United States with a real sense of humor" by a reporter.
----------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------------
- Dad, can you help me?
- What do you need?
- I'm doing a physics paper on George Gamow
- oh, how interesting
- do you know who George Gamow was?
- well... a physicist...
-I know that, but what did he do?
-because he did many things
- many things, like what?
- well, a lot of physical things
- what do you mean?
-because he was throwing photons here and there
-oh, and how did he do it?
-well, he took the physicists' machine to shoot photons and...
- you have no idea, do you?
- no, son, no...

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