Augusto Arcimís Wehrle was born on December 4, 1844 in Seville.

On this day (December 4), 1844, Augusto Arcimís Wehrle was born in Seville. He was a Spanish scientist, amateur astronomer and the first professional meteorologist in Spain.
Augusto Arcimís Wehrle with a good language training, toured Europe, where he visited prominent observatories in several countries, coming to live in London for a while. There he became familiar with astronomy and dynamic meteorology.
On his return, he installed a meteorological observatory in Chiclana with more modern criteria than those used until then by those in San Fernando (limited to matters of interest to the navy) or Madrid (which did not make forecasts).
The rigor of his observations earned him a high reputation among Italian astronomers. Arcimís became a champion of astrophysics par excellence, the seriousness and maturity of his work also earned him recognition in England, where he was appointed a member of the Royal Astronomical Society .
he taught at the Free Teaching Institution . Later, and thanks to the support and demands of the ILE, in 1887, the Central Meteorological Institute was created with the aim of making weather forecasts, Arcimín being its first director.
On October 25, 2016, the State Meteorological Agency AEMET, pays tribute to him, naming his data file of digitized historical documents by his surname ARCIMÍS, acknowledging in this way the great work carried out.
As a curiosity to mention that the first book on meteorology was written in 360 BC by the philosopher Aristotle.
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- Augusto, Let's have dinner!
- Wait mom, I'm looking at the moon
- you'll look at it later
- mom, do you think the moon is made of cheese?
- of course, son, with Parmesan cheese
- yes?
- go

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