October 31, 1798, John Dalton discovers the disease of color blindness.

On a day like today (October 31) in 1798, John Dalton discovered the vision disease called dyschromatopsia or color blindness, commonly known as color blindness.
John Dalton was born in Eaglesfield (United Kingdom) on September 6, 1766, he was a British naturalist, chemist, mathematician and meteorologist.
Among his works, the atomic model and its table of relative weights of the elements stand out, which contributed to laying the foundations of modern chemistry.
Dalton described color blindness, which is a genetic disorder that affects the ability to distinguish colors.
The degree of color blindness is highly variable.
Despite the fact that society in general considers that color blindness goes unnoticed in daily life, it is a problem for those affected in areas as diverse as:
  • assess the state of freshness of certain foods,
  • identify drawing color codes
  • or choose certain professions for which it is necessary to pass a medical examination that involves correctly identifying colors (career soldier, pilot, merchant marine captain, police officer, soccer referee, etc.).
Currently there is no treatment for color blindness but there is technology in glasses that allow color blind people to improve their vision, improving their quality of life.
On YouTube you can see several videos of colorblind people who try glasses that improve their vision for the first time.
- son, the doctor said you have color blindness
- Good?
- I'm colorblind!
- huh? ..if
- where are my brothers!
- which brothers?
- the Dalton brothers!
- ...
- Go for Lucky Luke!
- ...

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