On January 31, 1966, the Soviet Union launched the "Lunik 9" space probe.

On this day (January 31), 1966, the Soviet Union launched the "Lunik 9" space probe, the first to gently land on the surface of the Moon on February 3 in the "Sea of Storms".
Luna 9, was a space probe belonging to the Soviet Space Program within the Luna Program, designed by Sergei Koroliov (1907).
Luna 9 arrived on the Moon on February 3, 1966. The objective of the mission was not only to collect images of the lunar surface but mainly if the lunar surface could withstand to a spaceship or it would sink into the moondust.
Luna 9 weighed 99 kilograms and used an airbag to survive the 22 km/h impact on the lunar surface.
Seven hours after landing, the probe began sending back the first of nine images it sent back, including five panoramas of the Moon's surface.
As a curiosity to mention that the newspaper "Daily Express" entered the observatory Jodrell Bank to intercept the Radiofax that came from Luna 9. They published the first image sent before the Soviets had a chance.
This is the first photo of the lunar surface;
primera foto de la Luna de la sonda Lunik 9
-------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- -
- Comrade!
- tell me
- we just got a weird signal!
- what?
- looks like a photo of an alien!
- an alien!!!
- so it seems!
- let's see! Let's see!
- take!
- but... but... this is a drawing!
- hahahahahahaha... what a face... it's a joke, comrade!..... hahahahahaha....
- to the gulag!
- but... but...
- no but no stop.... to the gulag!
- it was a joke
- you'll laugh in the gulag
- nice sense of humor
- neither a sense of humor nor a sense of homo... to the gulag!
- pffff...

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