On December 31, 1851, the first submarine cable laid between the cities of Dover (England) and Calais (France) was inaugurated in the English Channel.

On this day (December 31), 1851, the first submarine cable laid between the cities of Dover (England) and Calais (France) was inaugurated in the English Channel.
Thanks to advances in telecommunications, the use of the telegraph began to spread over land throughout Europe and the United States around 1940.
The next step in telecommunications was to make connections through the underwater environment. For this it was necessary to solve the problem of isolation. This was achieved thanks to gutta-percha, a substance obtained from the sap of the Palaquium species native to the Malay archipelago.
After the insulation problem was solved, the way was opened for the installation of submarine cables.
John Watkins Brett was born in 1805 and was a telegraph engineer. Together with his younger brother, Jacob Brett, he founded the company. They formed the English Channel Submarine Telegraph Company to lay the first submarine telegraph cable across the Channel. of the Stain .
John Brett laid an unarmored submarine cable with gutta-percha insulation in the English Channel in 1850. Among other things, it failed because a fisherman accidentally broke the cable shortly after it was installed. caused quite a sensation.
John Brett founded the Submarine Telegraph Company in 1851 with the aim of laying and operating submarine telegraph cables together with the younger brother of he. They once again laid a submarine cable in the English Channel, this time with iron wire armor. The telegraphic connection between France and England began to operate in October of that year.
As a curiosity, there are currently more than 250 active fiber optic cables that connect cities and data centers around the world that, all together, can manage the bandwidth equivalent of 10 million videos of YouTube per second.
-------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- --
- we have already passed the wire
- good!
- and now what do we do with it?
- well, it will have to be connected somewhere
- what does a cable like this connect to?
- let's ask the engineer
- we can't
- why not?
- I think he fell off the boat halfway there
- oh! Was he the one who shut up?
-well, we wait for him here while he swims up
- ok, how about we wait for him in that pub?
- good idea
- let's go

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