August 31, 1834, the Normal School of Primary Instruction is inaugurated,

On this day (August 31), 1834, the Normal School of Primary Instruction was inaugurated in Madrid, for the training of national teachers.
With the inauguration of the Normal School of Primary Instruction, a long road of successive efforts to establish an educational policy in Spain culminated. These efforts were led by a group known as "the enlightened" who were trying to modernize the country.
Before the Normal School of Primary Instruction for the regular training of teachers there had been several attempts with the creation of teachers' unions, academies,...
But it was not until the arrival of the liberals to power when Fernando VII died with the Royal Decree of 1834 that a commission was created to establish the lines of education in all facets throughout the Spanish territory.
The efforts of Pablo Montesino, who was part of the previous commission, in the pedagogical aspects and that of Gil de Zárate in the bureaucratic ones, managed to finally inaugurate what can be considered the first Normal School in Spain.
- I'm going to study to be a teacher in Madrid
- what about our traditions?
- what traditions?
- Well, until now we taught to dance traditional dances and something else and it didn't go so badly for us
- but it could be better
- better than the dances?
- I think so
- better than herbal salves?
- something better
- better than mountain ridges?
- well, something better
- well, ok...

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