September 30, 1887 Nora Stanton Blatch Barney, civil engineer and suffragist, was born.

On this day (September 30), 1887, Nora Stanton Blatch Barney, civil engineer and suffragist, was born.
Nora attended Cornell University , graduating in 1905 with a degree in civil engineering . She was the first female engineering graduate from Cornell University. In the same year, she was the first woman inducted (accepted as a junior member) of the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE ). He also began work for the New York City Water Supply Board and the American Bridge Company in 1905–06.
She also studied electricity and mathematics at Columbia University so she could work as a lab assistant for Lee De Forest, inventor of the vacuum tube radio, whom she married in 1908.
She returned to New York and worked as an Assistant Engineer and Chief Draftsman at Radley Steel Construction Company until 2012 and then for several years as an Assistant Engineer for the New York State Public Utilities Commission.
In 1916 she gained notoriety when she filed a lawsuit against the ASCE, which had canceled her membership when she was over the age limit for junior status but lost it. It took 99 years for her membership to be recognized posthumously in the association
As a curiosity to mention that along with her work activity, Nora also dedicated time to activism in favor of women's rights and the suffrage struggle. While studying at Cornel University she founded a Suffragist Club and from 1909 to 1917 she campaigned in New York. She became president of the Women's Political Union in 1915, succeeding her mother, and edited Women's Political World.
-------------------------------------------- -----------------------------------------------
- Come on!
- where are you going?
- to the demonstration!
- now?
- now!
- but...we're in a meeting...
- that has a solution
- which one?
- come to the demonstration with me
- or vice versa
- backwards?
- let the protesters come here
- do not fit
- so let them come in shifts
- I didn't lie
- Shall we continue the meeting?
- let's go to the demonstration!
- wow....

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