November 30, 1967, heart surgeon René Favaloro invents the coronary "by-pass".

On this day (November 30), 1967, heart surgeon René Favaloro invents the coronary "by-pass". A milestone in global cardiac surgical technology.
René Gerónimo Favaloro was born in La Plata on July 12, 1923. He was an inventor, educator and heart surgeon.
René Favaloro joined the Faculty of Medical Sciences of the National University of La Plata. In the third year he began his internship at the Polyclinic Hospital and began to make contact with patients for the first time. Exceeding what was required by the program, he would return in the afternoons to control the evolution of the patients and talk with them.
At one point in his career he was able to go to the United States to the Cleveland Clinic . Every day, as soon as he finished his work in the operating room, Favaloro spent hours and hours reviewing coronary angiography and studying the anatomy of the coronary arteries and their relationship with the heart muscle. At the beginning of 1967 he studied the possibility of using the saphenous vein in coronary surgery, practicing with his ideas in May of that year. This standardized technique is called "bypass" and is what brought him to worldwide fame.
They convinced him to return to Argentina with the hope of founding an organization similar to the "Cleveland Clinic". He founded the Favaloro Foundation with the idea not only of a clinic but also a training center where students from different parts of the world study and where every two years the Cardiology congress is held for the Querent.
Unfortunately, Dr. René Favaloro committed suicide in the year 2000 because of the large debts of the Favaloro Foundation because of the debts contracted with it for social works that nobody wanted to take charge of, not even the Argentine government. that time.
René Favaloro's contribution to surgery and society through the foundation are remarkable and continue today.
As a curiosity to comment that regarding the heart and infarcts, lholidays are more delicate. Christmas Day (December 25) ranks first in number of heart attacks, followed by December 26, and in third place, December 1 from January.
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