July 30, 1789, the Malaspina expedition departs from Cádiz

On this day (July 30), 1789, the Malaspina expedition departs from Cádiz, the most important political-scientific journey of the Spanish Enlightenment.
It is called the Malaspina or Malaspina-Bustamante expedition, in honor of Alejandro Malaspina and José de Bustamante y Guerra. It was an expedition financed by Carlos III (king of Spain) that lasted between 1789-1704.
When the Malaspina - Bustamante expedition arrived in Spain, it had accumulated a huge amount of material:
- collections of botanical and mineral species
- scientific observations (seventy new nautical charts were drawn)
- drawings, sketches, sketches and paintings ...
In short, it was the largest amount of materials that Spanish navigators would have gathered in a single voyage in their entire history.
Despite the success of the expedition, Malaspina delivered a confidential report on his position towards the colonies proposing more autonomy and another form of organization. The government dismissed those recommendations. Malaspina, disenchanted, took part in a conspiracy against Godoy (Prime Minister of Carlos IV) that failed and ended up first in prison and then in exile in his homeland, Italy. Unfortunately, that political conspiracy caused his scientific findings to fall into disgrace.
Alexander Malaspina was born in Mulazzo, Italy on November 5 1754 . He starred in one of the greatest scientific voyages of the enlightened era but fell out of favor for political reasons.
José de Bustamante y Guerra was born in Cantabria, on April 1, 1759. He was a Spanish sailor. He organized and participated in the Malaspina-Bustamante expedition. He was Governor of Montevideo and Captain General of Guatemala.
Fortunately for history, in 1885 Pedro de Novo y Colson compiled and published in a book the documentation collected on the Malaspina-Bustamente expedition.
- this expedition is not going to go well
- why?
- someone told me that it gave him a bad feeling
- no, man, no, directed by Alejandro Malaspina
- ah... but I've also been told that they go to the edge of the world
- what border?
- the end of the earth
- don't worry because they have a space float
- ooooohhhhhh....

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