December 30, 1930, Tu Youyou, a Chinese scientist, was born in Ningbo.

On this day (December 30), 1930, Tu Youyou, a Chinese scientist, was born in Ningbo, Republic of China.
she soon studied and practiced traditional Chinese medicine. During the 1960s and 1970s, Tu Youyou researched malaria and other diseases during the so-called "Chinese cultural revolution" where scientists were considered counter-revolutionaries and were not allowed to continue their research.
However, Mao did allow YouYou to research a malaria treatment and even helped finance her work.
Your Youyou stumbled upon her discovery thanks to a 1300-year-old book. In that book she pointed out that the "Chinese wormwood" (Artemisa annua) was considered by the residents of the area as a good remedy against fevers (the possible symptom of malaria).
This is how Tu Youyou, at the age of 39, managed to isolate the active principle of the Artemisa annua plant; artemisinin.
Tu Youyou volunteered to be the first human subject to test her discovery: "As the head of this research group, I had the responsibility." Her work was published anonymously in 1977 and it was not until 1981 that she was submitted to the World Health Organization.
For his work, Tu received the 2011 Albert Lasker Prize for Clinical Medical Research , and the 2015 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine .
As a curiosity, a phrase from Tu Youyou:
"From our research experience in the discovery of artemisinin, we learned the strengths of Chinese and Western medicine. There is great potential for future advances if these strengths can be fully integrated."
-------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- ------
- we have a problem
- which one?
- today is Tu Youyou's birthday
- Today!?
- oysters! We haven't had time to prepare!
- well, let's congratulate her
- are you sure?
- let's all go.
- ...
- ...
- (come on)
- "
Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday to you Youyou yu you yu ....
- we've got involved again!
- what a mess!
- hahahahahaha... thanks guys, you tried.... hahahaha... thanks...
- is that we have not trained enough and we have messed up
- the important thing is that you have agreed
- yes...and the cake
- and the cake

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