August 3, 1804, Alexander von Humboldt returns to Europe

On this day (August 3), 1804, the German naturalist Alexander von Humboldt returns to Europe after a four-year scientific trip to America.
Friedrich Wilhelm Heinrich Alexander von Humboldt was born in Berlin on September 14, 1769. He was a Prussian geographer, astronomer, humanist, naturalist and explorer. A true polymath.
His journeys of exploration for him took him all over the world: from Europe to South and North America to Central Asia.
Humboldt traveled throughout America; Venezuela, New Kingdom of Granada, Cuba, Quito, Peru, New Spain (Mexico) and visited the United States where he was very critical of slavery.
Between 1804 and 1827 he settled in Paris to put all the collected material in order. Thirty volumes come out of his compilation entitled Journey to the equinoctial regions of the New Continent .
- Hello Alexander
- Hello friend
- how was the trip?
- Fantastic!
- Did you like the gastronomy?
- I don't know
- or culture
- I don't know
- but... but... what did you like about it?
- the bugs... there were a lot of bugs!

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