July 29, 1886 is the launching of the Spanish warship "Destructor", designed by the sailor Fernando Villaamil, who served as a model for all the world's navies.

On this day (July 29), 1886, the Spanish warship "Destructor" was launched, designed by sailor Fernando Villaamil, who served as a model for all the world's navies.
Fernando Villaamil Fernández-Cueto was born on November 23, 1845 and was a naval officer, remembered for his professionalism internationally recognized and for being the designer of the first destroyer warship in history.
In 1861 he entered the San Fernando Naval College of the Spanish Navy , and a year later he passed , as a midshipman, aboard the frigate Esperanza.
At that time the navies were concerned with neutralizing the threat posed by torpedo boats, so work began on the design of fast ships that could destroy them .
In the 1880s the first torpedo boats began to be built almost always in the United Kingdom, although some were commissioned by foreign navies. In 1884 the HMS Swift (TB81) was built and in 1885 the Kotaka began for Japan, precursors of the destroyers that would come later.
In 1884, Villaamil was appointed Second Officer of the Ministry of the Navy. As such, he took the initiative to study and design a new class of warship intended to fight the then-new torpedo boats.
Villaamil, who was at the forefront of naval technology, took these ideas and developments into account when, commissioned by the Minister of the Navy, he designed a project and asked several British shipyards for proposals for the construction of a new contract torpedo boat. In 1885, the one presented by the shipyards of James & George Thomson of Clydebank (Scotland) was chosen and the new ship, named Destructor, was formally delivered to the Spanish Navy on January 19, 1887.
The design of the Destroyer decisively influenced that of subsequent ships built for other Navies, including the British, and from then on Villaamil's professional reputation reached international levels .
As a curiosity to comment that in 1892 Villaamil managed to get the Ministry of the Navy to approve, within the celebrations of the IV centenary of the discovery of America, a project long advocated by him: a sailing circumnavigation voyage, as an apprenticeship for Navy midshipmen.
-------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- -----
- Fernando, we have a problem
- tell me
- we need a warship to accompany war transport ships
- just come with them?
- to accompany them to defend them
- do you think you can do something?
- yes!
- yes?
- I'll build a destructor!
- a destroyer?
- yes! a destroyer!
- very good.. and how will it be?
- I don't know
- How come you don't know?
- I have no idea.
- then?
- I already have a cool name for now: Destroyer!
- ok...

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