October 28, 1492, Rodrigo de Jerez is the first westerner to see the Indians smoking tobacco and the first to imitate them.

On a day like today (October 28), 1492, in the Bahamas, the Spaniard Rodrigo de Jerez is the first Westerner to see Indians smoking tobacco and the first to imitate them.
Rodrigo de Jerez is one of the sailors who sailed to America on the Santa María on Columbus' first voyage in 1492.
It is considered that the center of origin of tobacco is in the Andean zone between Peru and Ecuador. The first tobacco plantations must have taken place between five thousand and three thousand years before Christ. In 1942, with the arrival of Columbus' ships, tobacco had already spread throughout the American continent.
Rodrigo de Jerez, on his return to Spain in 1493, adopted this habit and introduced it to Ayamonte, but he was imprisoned because «only the devil could give a man the power to draw smoke by the mouth”. When he was released seven years later, around the year 1500, the habit of smoking had spread to the present day.
Smoking has been spreading throughout the world for years. The American Indians gave esoteric and medicinal properties to tobacco. In the rest of the world, positive properties (such as relaxation) have also been given to smoking tobacco. But little by little, with scientific studies, it has been shown that tobacco is harmful to personal and collective health (passive smokers).
There is a lot of additional information about tobacco and its effects such as the MedlinePlus articles.
As the American writer Marilyn Vos Savant (born 1942 in Missouri) says: "Avoid the use of cigarettes, alcohol and drugs as an alternative to being a interesting."
- cough, cough,...
- hello good man
- cough, cough...
- how are you?
- cough, cough,...
- what gives me?
- cough, cough...
- what do I have to do?
- cough, cough... inhale... cough, cough...
- let's see... let's see...
-cof, cof
- cough, cough ... this is good, ... cough, cough
- cough, cough... now it's 20 dollars next... cough, cough...
- cough, cough... how expensive... cough, cough
- cough, cough... not having hooked you... cough, cough

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