May 28, 1971, the Russians launch the spacecraft "Mars 3".

On this day (May 28), 1971, the Russians launch the "Mars 3" spacecraft.
The Mars 3 probe was an identical spacecraft to the Mars 2, each with an orbital module and a coupled descent module, developed under the Mars< program. /b> of Soviet probes for the exploration of Mars.
The main objective of the Mars 3 orbiter (and Mars 2) was to obtain images of the Martian surface and clouds, determine the temperature, study the topography, composition and physical properties of the surface, as well as such as measuring the properties of the atmosphere, measuring the solar wind and the Martian and interplanetary magnetic fields.
The Mars 2 and Mars 3 orbiters sent large amounts of data to our planet between December 1971 and March 1972 (although it continued to send information until August 1972).
The main scientific objective of the mars 3 lander (and that of Mars2) was to make a soft landing on Mars, return photographs of the surface and send back data on meteorological conditions, as well as atmospheric composition and of the mechanical and chemical properties of the soil.
The descent sequence of the Mars 2 lander failed and the spacecraft impacted the surface.
The Mars 3 probe was the first to make a soft landing on the surface of Mars.
About 20 seconds later, at 13:52:25, the transmission ceased completely for unknown reasons and no more signals were received from the Martian surface. It is unknown if the faults were in the lander or the orbiter's repeater system. In that short time it was possible to achieve a partial panorama of an image that showed no detail and with a very low illumination of about 50 lux.
Out of curiosity, comment that the cause of the failure could be related to the powerful sandstorm that took place at the time of landing that could have induced an electrical discharge, damaging the communications system and which would also explain the poor lighting of the image.
-------------------------------------------- -----------------------------------------------
- boss! boss!
- what's up!
- I'm receiving images!
- from where?
- from Mars 3
- but...
- look! Look! it's here!
- but...
- we'll be able to see a full image soon!
- but...
- almost done!
- but we haven't launched Mars 3 yet
- ok... well... I'm training
- you should relax a bit
- a vacation?
- no, with a coffee you'll be ready

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