October 27, 1553, and the Calvinists burn Miguel Servetus alive.

On a day like today (October 27), 1553, on the outskirts of Geneva (Switzerland) the Calvinists burn alive the Aragonese theologian, doctor and humanist Miguel Servetus.
Miguel Servetus (whose real name was Miguel Serveto y Conesa) born in Villanueva de Sigena, Aragón, was a Spanish theologian and scientist.
His interests spanned many sciences: astronomy, meteorology, geography, jurisprudence, theology, physics, the study of the Bible, mathematics, anatomy, and medicine.
One of his great achievements and scientific discoveries was that of the pulmonary circulation where he denotes a deep knowledge of the human body and medical treatments. In the written text he talks about the pulmonary circulation based on the color of the blood and the location of the ventricles. In that same book he also talks about other anatomical topics such as the brain, the cerebellum, the nerves, ... and later in other books he deals with other topics such as the study of syphilis
The problem is that the scientific works of Miguel Servetus are "obscured" by his life of theological confrontation with Catholics and Protestant Calvinists. For example, his work on the pulmonary circulation went unnoticed for two reasons. The first is because he published it in the theological book " Christianismi Restitutio " and not in a medical book. And after that at the time of his persecution all the books of " Christianismi Restitutio " were burned. All but three that were hidden for many years.
And it is that Miguel Servetus was a theologian who addressed various theological discussions with Catholics but, above all, with Calvin and the Calvinists. Servetus lived hidden for a long time under a false name until after anonymously publishing the book " Christianismi Restitutio " when, after someone discovered him to the authorities, he was arrested by the Catholic Inquisition. Servetus managed to escape but was arrested and tried by the Calvinists.
The Catholic Inquisition judges him in absentia and burns him in effigy on June 17, 1553. He is later tried and burned alive by the Calvinists on October 27, 1553.
The scientific work of Miguel Servetus is "hidden" by his theological facet since many people claim it as a symbol of free thought. As Sebastian Casteillon (French Reformed Christian humanist, biblicist and theologian) commented:
  • “Killing a man is not defending a doctrine, it is killing a man. When the Genevans executed Servetus, they did not defend a doctrine, they killed a human being; You don't make a profession of faith by burning a man, but by getting burned for her," he wrote.
  • y «Seeking and telling the truth, as people think, can never be a crime. No one should be forced to believe. Conscience is free»
- Hello Sebastian Castellion
- Hello friend
- have you heard about Miguel?
-has he written another book on medicine?
- about theology?
- well I don't know
- he was burned as a heretic
- Killing a man is not defending a doctrine, it is killing a man.

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