March 27, 1972, the Soviet Union launches the Venera 8 space probe bound for the planet Venus.

On this day (March 27), 1972, the Soviet Union launched the Venera 8 space probe bound for the planet Venus.
The program Venera was the name given to a series of space probes developed by the Soviet Union between 1961 and 1984 to collect information about the planet Venus.
Due to the extreme conditions on the surface of Venus, the probes were only able to survive for a short period on the surface, with times ranging between 23 minutes and two hours. The Venera program set a number of precedents in space exploration,
Venera 8 was a probe of the Soviet program Venera for the exploration of Venus and was the second robotic space probe to conduct a successful landing on the surface of Venus.
The spacecraft took 118 days to reach Venus with a mid-course correction on April 6, 1972, separating from the bus and entering the atmosphere on July 22, 1972 at 08:37 UT.
Venera 8 transmitted data during descent. The lander continued to send data for 50 minutes, 11 seconds after touchdown before failing due to harsh surface conditions.
The probe confirmed earlier data on the high surface temperature and pressure of Venus (470 degrees Celsius, 90 atmospheres) returned by Venera 7, and also measured the light level as adequate for surface photography, finding it similar to the amount of light on Earth on an overcast day with about 1 km visibility.
-------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------
- We have reached Venus!
-and is she pretty?
- who?
- well Venus
- pretty?
- Venus is the goddess of love
- we have landed on the planet Venus
- what a snap
- but... what are you doing in the space mission command center?
- I was walking my dog ​​and got lost
- and has it passed the security checks?
- those gentlemen who are taking a nap?
- this is bullshit!
- well, I don't see the fun of it
- He's still here! go away!
- okay, okay... give her a kiss...
- who?
- to the goddess Venus, of course
- of course, of course...

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