December 27, 1831, from the port of Devonport, the ten-gun brig "Beagle" sets sail.

On this day (December 27), 1831, the ten-gun brig "Beagle" sets sail from the port of Devonport, United Kingdom.
This is the second voyage of the HMS Beagle. The first voyage was to survey the southern coasts of South America. On this voyage, Robert Fitz-Roy was made captain of HMS Beagle.
On the second voyage, to HMS Beagle commanded by Captain Robert Fitz-Roy , he was commissioned to spend several years mapping and surveying South America to produce accurate nautical charts.
On the other hand, Darwin had been forced by his father to enter Cambridge and pursue theology (after failing to force him to become a doctor). At Cambridge Darwin met many naturalistic theologians which was one of his passions; the study of plants and animals. Just as he finished his degree he received a letter from his botany professor at Cambridge recommending him to accompany Captain Robert Fitz-Roy on his voyage on the HMS BEagle .
And it is that Captain Robert Fitz-Roy had observed in his previous trips that the company of a scientist was necessary (especially a natural scientist) but he could not find it. So Robert Fitz-Roy's need met with Darwin's need to devote himself more to natural science.
So Darwin sailed as a scientist on the HMS Beagle and spent five years studying nature, collecting species and writing notes and theories. Duringduring this trip he will develop his famous theory of evolution which, on his return in 1836, he will shape until 1859 when his masterpiece sees the light: "The origin of the species".
If you have been wanting to remember this fantastic journey, you can buy a model of the HMS Beagle and let your imagination run wild;
-------------------------------------------- -----------------------------------------
- with "ten guns per gang..."
- What are you doing Mr. Darwin?
- I'm reciting Espronceda's "pirate song"
- who is that?
- a poet
- why?
- It's just that I got on this brigantine with ten cannons and I fell on top
-Well, when we set sail, what will he do?
- I'll wear a wooden leg and an eyepatch
- you better rest, the trip will be long
- let me dream for a while
- ok...
- "With ten guns per gang,
downwind at full sail,
does not cut the sea, but flies
a brigantine sailing ship;
the pirate vessel they call,
for the bravery of him, the Feared,
in every known sea
from one to the other border....

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