May 26, 1816, in Uruguay, the National Library opens its doors, the first public library in the country

On this day (May 26), 1816, in Uruguay, the National Library opens its doors, the first public library in the country.
On August 4, 1815, the priest Dámaso Antonio Larrañaga (1771, religious, architect, rancher, naturalist and botanist) sent a letter to the Cabildo in which proposed to make up for the lack of teachers and institutions with good books.
This initiative was ratified by José Gervasio Artigas (1754, soldier and statesman from the River Plate) from Purification, in different letters dated August 12 and 28 of the same year.
The Tasks of the National Library are;

1 -To be a reference in research and innovative knowledge about the country's past and culture.
2 -Recover and preserve the existing heritage, raising existing technical levels.
3 -Promote as much as possible extension the digitalization of the materials of its different collections, as a way to democratize access to knowledge for all citizens.
4 -Work in coordination with other public and private cultural and educational organizations.
5 -Promote the reading and research in all ages of readers and encourage the various forms of interaction with knowledge.
6 -Increase the level of use of bibliographic collections in all its sections, with emphasis on Uruguayan content.

As a curiosity to mention that coinciding with the inauguration anniversary of the National Library, every May 26th the National Book Day is celebrated in Uruguay.

-------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- ----
- Good morning
- Hello
- He puts me a double cheeseburger
- a cookbook?
- a book about raising cows?
- a hamburger book?
- no, a hamburger without a book
- we can't sir
- why?
- we can only give you a book that contains a hamburger
- and that's good?
- that's up to taste
- well, give me a book containing a cheeseburger and for my friend a book containing a ham sandwich
- marching!


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