June 26, 1886, Henri Moissan obtained elemental fluorine (F2) for the first time.

On this day (June 26), 1886, Henri Moissan obtained elemental fluorine (F2) for the first time.

Henri Moissan was born in Paris on September 28 1852 and was a pharmacist, chemist and university professor French, Nobel laureate in Chemistry from 1906.

Fluorine is the chemical element with atomic number 9 located in the halogen group (group 17) of the periodic table of elements. Its symbol is F.

It is a pale green gas at room temperature, formed by diatomic molecules F2. It is the most electronegative and reactive of all the elements. In pure form it is highly dangerous, causing severe chemical burns on contact with the skin.

Because it is so reactive and dangerous, fluorine was not isolated until relatively recently, since in its pure state it is extremely dangerous and must be handled with extreme care.
The first known fluorine compound (from the Latin fluere, meaning "to flow") dates back to the 1500s, in Germany. It is fluorite (CaF2), then called fluorines, later fluorspar.

Since 1813 there have been a series of attempts to isolate fluorine, all of them failed, and most of them resulting in poisoning accidents. Davy began by means of electrolysis. In the process he got intoxicated and probably because of that he had an early death.

In 1830 the brothers Thomas and George Knox attempted to isolate fluorine by chemical means using chlorine. They didn't make it and they also got seriously intoxicated.

P. Louyel also tried it at the same time, also failing, but this time the intoxication caused his death.

Edmond Frémy (initially Louyel's assistant) approached the subject with much greater caution and security, which earned him freedom from intoxication. He returned to electrolysis and in the process was the first to obtain pure hydrogen fluoride (previously it was only obtained by mixing it with water), but he did not achieve the goal either

The French chemist Henri Moissan, initially Frémy's assistant, continued the attempt. Finally, on June 26, 1886, Moissan was the first to obtain fluorine in a pure form, earning him the Nobel Prize in Chemistry for 1906.

-------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- --
- Good!
- okay?
- I've isolated the fluorine!
- only one?
- I brought you a bouquet
- a bouquet?
- fluorescein
- what is that about fluores?
- fluors are many fluors together
- that can't be done
- look!
- that's a bouquet of flowers
- that, fluores
- you should go to a speech therapist
- you are very unromantic, Henri, don't you like fluores?
- yes, of course, yes...

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