December 26, 1791, in the county of Devonshire, Charles Babbage was born.

On this day (December 26), 1791, in the county of Devonshire, in the town of Teignmouth, Great Britain, Charles Babbage was born.
Charles Babbage was a mathematician and computer scientist. He is considered as "The Father of Computing" because he designed and developed a mechanical calculator capable of calculating tables of numerical functions by the method of differences. He also designed, but never built, analytics to run tabulation or computation programs.
Having been self-taught in mathematics, he was disappointed to see how it was taught at the University. For this reason and with a friend he founded the "Analytical Society" in 1813 with the aim of renewing the way in which mathematics was taught.
In 1822 he presented to the Royal Astronomical Society a model that he called difference engine whose object was the resolution of a large number of polynomials. The society approved his project and the government gave him 1,500 pounds to finance it. Babbage will never complete this machine.
Between 1833 and 1842 Babbage tried again, this time with the goal of creating a programmable machine that could perform multiple mathematical operations at once and in large numbers. Ada Lovelace got involved in this project. But discussions with the craftsman who made the parts, and the end of government funding, left the project unfinished. The biggest problem was that the gears of the time that they supplied him could not withstand much and they deformed with the temperature.
From then on, more government funds were denied and the projects were stopped.
In 1910 Babbage's son reported that a part of the calculating machine and its printer had been built and had performed calculations of multiples of PI.
In 1991 the Science Museum in London s built a replica of Babbage's Difference Engine based on Babbage's blueprints with little modification. Later the printer was built.
Here you can see the replica of the differential machine of the London Museum:
As a curiosity to mention that part of his brain preserved in formalin is exhibited at the Royal College of Surgeons of England .
-------------------------------------------- -----------------------------------------------
- Charles, have you done your homework?
- not yet
- Well, let's have dinner soon
- now I'm going
- before you finish your homework
- I'm on it
- what do you have?
- math
- is it very difficult?
- no, they are sums
- and why haven't you done them?
- because I am devising an automaton to calculate the sums for me
- how?
- can you imagine that adding is automatic? Homework over?
- wow...well in 30 minutes whoever has finished their homework can go down to dinner
- how?
- because whoever finishes their homework can go down to dinner; either you or the automaton
- ok, I got it
- smart boy

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